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Magnet fishing rope

Your rope is your only active connect to your magnet so choose is wisely. Don’t economize at this part and buy a cheap one. You will probably end up in losing your magnet because of a bad rope.

When thinking of the quality of a rope for magnet fishing most people think of a thick rope with knots. But the width isn’t really the thing when talking about the quality of a cord for magnet fishing. If your cord is comprehensively thick (like over 10mm / 0,4 INCH) it will soak a lot of water which you later on have at your home or even before in you car. We recommend a width of 4-9mm (0.16 – 0,35 INCH).

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Length of the rope

For the length of the rope we suggest you a minimum of 15 meters. Our magnet fishing ropes mostly got a length of 20-25 meters. Usually are people able to throw the magnet like 15-20 meters into the water. So our recommendation at this point is something between 20-30 meters. But no longer! If you unroll a rope with this massive length it will take some time to get it correctly back on the coil without knots. This annoyed us extrem, so we decided to cut our rope so the length of approximately 20 meters.

The most important thing is absolutely the possible pulling force. What is the use of the ‘best’ rope if it cracks with a find and possibly your magnet?

We recommend two kinds of ropes

Paracord ropes

Paracord soaks a bit water which is the downside of it. On the upperside you get a very tiny cord with immense pulling force.

Polypropylene ropes

Which is basically plastic. In the first moment you might think why we recommend a plastic rope. Let me tell you: We were wary too at the beginning. But we bought a few and not one of them disappointed us. Polypropylene soaks no water which is a great benefit. Also is it very light and cheap to afford.

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