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Fishing magnet – finding the right one

Choosing the right fishing magnet

magnet fishingBefore selecting one out of the range of possible magnet fishing magnets on the market please take a look at our professional selection. With this you won’t do beginner’s mistakes and save your money. The main thing is to only look at neodymium fishing magnets because these kind of magnets have a lot of pulling force and are comparatively cheap to buy.

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Neodymium fishing magnets are made out of (obviously) neodymium, also iron and boron. They are in the category of the strongest magnets of the world. It is really fascinating how much pulling force a magnet with a diameter of 2.75 INCH (70mm) can generate. We heard from magnets with less than 2.7 INCH diameter and a few hundred KG pulling force – just stunning.

Best magnet size

Size doesn’t really matter at all when you want to find the best magnet for fishing. Important is that your magnet fishing magnets isn’t that small. We empirically found out that fishing magnets with a diameter of 2.35 INCH (60mm) or less don’t bring good findings. The magnetic surface is just too small to catch enough things under water. Even though it is clearly possible to catch all kind of small things but believe us you don’t just want these small things. If you ever want to catch a safe, bicycles or even bigger things you need a bigger surface on your neodymium fishing magnet.

Our recommendated magnets for beginners are highlited in blue boxes on this page.These magnets got a well sized surface and a quite good pulling force with a very nice price at the moment. If you want to start with an even bigger fishing magnet in a kind of professional division we recommend the following magnets with way more surface to catch more or heavier things out of the water.   

Which pulling force?

Most times beginners ask us about the pulling force because they want to afford a fishing magnet with the most force they can find to buy in the internet. But most people don’t consider the following: If you buy a fishing magnet with a pulling force of +400 KG you may be able to barely move the caught object in the water. However if your name isn’t Hulk (which we believe it isn’t) you will never be able to pull +400 Kilogram out of the water onto the bridge from where you are fishing. So in this case you maybe have to cut your rope and already lost your first magnet.

If you don’t want to lose your magnet, buy one with a pulling force you are able to move around. Because things in the water are much lighter than beyond it we recommend magnets with a force of 150 – 200 KG. Most people are able to move objects with this weight in water. If it is one day not possible for your to pull something outside of the water just move the find to the surrounding and manually unplug your magnet so save it. Don’t fret! We only use fishing magnets with a force of 150-200 KG and (until now) never lost a magnets in years of magnet fishing.     
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Why the magnet form matters

If you take a look at the typical neodymium fishing magnets you will see that there are more or less two shapes of them. The angular and the round ones. We prefer the round ones because me made better experiences with these magnets. Most magnet fishers do the same. You rarely see magnet fishers with angular shaped magnets on YouTube or even face to face.

What you should know about fishing magnets

Before you buy a fishing magnet you should consider the things mentioned above and that your magnet should have an eyelet to fix the rope. All other solutions to fix the rope will end up in losing it in the water. All magnets recommended from us got an eyelet! Second and last but not least important thing is to buy a proper rope. Some fishing magnets will be delivered with a rope, the most not.

Here is your place for the best ropes.

Further gear

After a few times magnet fishing you will know if it’s fun for you and whether you want to go further and professionalise your rig. If so we first recommend to buy some (like second/third gear) magnets and ropes as a backup. After that we bought a grapple for our gear. Our main idea behind that was to get for example bicycles easier out of the water. But we noticed that grapples are excellent to detach magnets if it’s not possible to do that per hand. In this case you can use your grapple as lever to remove the sticky magnet.