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Magnet fishing

Welcome to magnetfischen.NET/EN – Your new portal for all things around magnet fishing.

With this site we want to tell everything around it and all related topics like finding the right magnet, best gear and things like that. With time we want to build an information site like a magnet fishing wiki to give you all things you need to start fishing.

From here you can take a look at our different subjects. For all of those who have no clue what magnet fishing could be – your welcome. Extra for you we provided our beginners hints and tricks. Which are even worthwhile for experts at magnetfishing.

What is magnet fishing?

Basicly magnet fishing (also called magnetic fishing) is a kind of new hobby where you take a special neodymium-magnet, mostly with an eyelet, tie a rope to it and throw it in water like lakes, rivers, creeks or oceans. Then you pull it back out of the water and hopefully acquired a lot of hidden treasures. To be honest it is not that easy in the beginning. Usually you will find not valuable stuff with your first catches. Most times you will pull out all sorts of other things like funny and exciting shebang for example. So at magnet fishing you’re looking for ferromagnetic objects mostly outdoor in waters.

But be aware magnet fishing can be dangerous! There are a lot of things from the last two world wars in our waters! These kind of stuff can be very hazardous, please call your local police station if you got some kind of warface related finds on your magnet. Read more

In any case you’re doing something good for our environment. All magnet fishers help cleaning our rivers and sees from stuff others are dumping into them. Equally magnet fishing isn’t just an outdoor hobby, it’s also very good for our planet. But please take the things you find with you and don’t let them lay around. Or inform someone to care about it if the finds are too big to take them with you.

Also nice about magnet fishing is the fact that it is a pretty inexpensive hobby. There are really low needs to start, no technical knowledge is needed. You ‘just’ need a neodymium-magnet, a good rope and you are ready to go.

Is magnet fishing legal?

At this point we unfortunately can’t give you a general answer to this question. You can find out more about the magnetfishing law in this article.

What can you find?

Most rookies are (comprehensible) hyped and get in a gold fever. They quickly choose the the right fishing magnet, put it in their bag and drive to the next river or see. Typically common findings at the start are “the classic one’s”. Things like beermats, fishhooks, indicators (from the ‘normal’ way to fish), nails and other rusty little things people usually throw away. Later on and mainly with better, professional equipment you will be able to catch even bigger things, like bicycles, maybe your first cash boxes and vaults.

In some cases and mostly at specific places (for example where WW1 and WW2 fights happened) magnet fishers are still finding dangerous things like grenades and rifles. But also they are finding rarely coins. All in all: As a magnet fisher you can find a lot of things, but there will be times when you get nothing out of a whole day of ‘work’. On the other side there will be really interesting and stunning foundings share at another day. Which you hopefully share in our community.    

Do I need a special magnet?

One of the most asked questions is if you need a ‘special’ magnet for fishing. The short answer is yes, you need a special magnet type. Bit more detailed version is that normal magnets which you may got at home on your fridge or walls are way to weak. They don’t have enough pulling force needed to go magnet fishing. We recommend a special neodymium magnet with a minimum amount of pulling force of 100 KG and minimum diameter of 2.75 INCH (70mm). But attention please consider..Read more

Which equipment do I need?

If you are a beginner at magnet fishing you basically only need a neodymium magnet and a rope attached to it. We strongly recommend to wear thin gloves to protect your hands from dirty and tiny metal splinters on your magnet. With this basic gear you can find out, relatively cheap, if magnet fishing could be a hobby for you or if you don’t have fun doing it. If you afterwords want to go further and get to the ‘next level’ you can still use and upgrade your first rig.

If you want to start now:

Take a look at our magnet guide – and buy one with a rope if you don’t have one.

Read our beginners hints and tricks.

Have fun and good luck magnet fishing.