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Magnet fishing tips, hints and tricks

There are many problems beginners are facing when they are magnet fishing for the first time. To prevent these we started this magnet fishing site for you. If you have any questions feel free to ask in our community group. There is no such thing as a stupid question.

Choose the right magnet

Choosing the best magnet for fishing is one of the biggest issues novices have. Please don’t start magnet fishing with your household magnet from the fridge. These magnets don’t have enough traction to pull things out of the water. To spot if you like magnet fishing we recommend to buy one of our endorsed beginners magnets with a proper rope. Afterwards, if you like it, you still can upgrade.

Attention! Memorycards, Hard-Disks, mobilephones, and so on

Attention! All sorts of magnets, especially strong ones like neodymium magnets, can easily destroy respectively delete data from your hard disks, memory cards or mobile phones. ATM and credit cards are also affected. So it might be better to leave your wallet at home, at least in you car or another ‘safe place’. Also be careful with your hands, don’t get them between an object and your magnet!    

Finding good spots and start

Please read our article about is magnet fishing legal before you choose a spot. If you are a rookie we recommend you to first search in your local area. Are there any lakes, rivers, or something like that? These are quite good spots to start magnet fishing for the first times. We think that bridges are well for beginners becauce you can easily pull your magnet out of the water. Just try swimming holes and popular spots where people potentially lose rings, mobile phones and so on.

Magnet got stuck?

One day your magnet will get stucked in the water. Maybe between some stones or even magnetic things that are too heavy to get pulled out of the water with your magnet. Our beginner’s tip is to move yourself to another position within the range of your rope. By doing so you are changing the angle and be hopefully able to save your magnet this time. Alternative you can go into the water and try to remove the stones with your hands.