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Magnet fishing uk

Is magnet fishing legal?

First of all please consider that we are no legal experts and not liable for violations of (the) law in any way associated with the substance of this site. Everybody is responsible for himself and the things he is doing.
Magnet fishing in the UK is controversial. Some people say that magnet fishing is legal because by doing it you don’t harm people or land. Also you do not disturb anyone with it. On the other hand stands the argument that all rivers and canals have owners. And those naturally own what is on the river bed. And that might be the correct answer to the law for magnet fishing UK.

To be safe and don’t challenged we recommend to just ask the owner of the ground area which may be the country you are living in, the government, your environment agency, a company or a private person. In most cases is there absolutely no problem and you can just start magnet fishing. Sometimes you have to make a deal like ‘if you find something expensive we share the value of it’ or similar things.

Hint to get the permission

In the past everybody gave us the permission to magnet fish if we told them the advantages of our activity: Cleaning the river.

Do I need a permission for magnet fishing?

As mentioned before in most cases there is no instance where you can request a permission for magnet fishing like it is the case for ‘normal’ fishing. All in all: In our optionen is no permission needed when you want to go magnet fishing. But we strongly recommend to ask the owner or government respectively agency in your local area.